About Us

Forsythia is a New York City based, environmentally and socially conscious luxury womenswear brand that is shifting the way we consume and contribute to fashion. We hold luxurious designs, elegant fit, and environmental and social awareness at the heart of our conversations.

Made in New York City

All Forsythia garments are produced in

 NYC. Local production ensures not

 only faster turn-around time for

 consumers but also quality control

 and waste reduction.

Environmental Awareness

Forsythia garments are composed of 

environmentally-conscious fabrics. We

 work closely with suppliers to source

 high-quality goods that are luxurious

 and conscientious.

Ethical Production

The domestic production process 

helps ensure the working conditions of

 all workers employed under factories 

and brands in partnership with 


Reshaping the fashion industry by better understanding the production process, as well as the materials and the products themselves, can drastically improve the health and conditions of the environment and the people. Both have suffered tremendously under a heavy, secret price tag hidden under what consumers believed to be a bargain for their money. 

 The change begins with us.

You can be a part of the movement.