Dense exhales of yesterday's worries as the sun sets; let them leave you. The stillness of the dark sky before the sun rises to reveal another beginning.

- Collection 2 -

Helen topHelen top
Mary skirtMary skirt
Kara pantsKara pants
Tamara topTamara top
Zaha coatZaha coat

What It Means for Us

Made-to-order means no excess, unsold products. Excess goods often times end up in landfills, further polluting the planet.

When you place an order,  garments are made anew - specially for you. You will receive updates on the progress of your special pieces until the day of shipment. (The estimated time from placement of order to shipment  is around ten days)

Most of all, made-to-order also means #slowfashion. The fast fashion industry is not only creating an environmental crisis, workers employed under fast fashion companies are often underpaid or even unpaid.


Inspired by the moment between the abounding "goodbye's" and the warmth of a new beginning.